Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

Happy New Year! We were so pleased to welcome your children back this week, refreshed, renewed, and ready to go. We began the week thinking about our classroom promises and whether or not they still worked for us. The children also evaluated their hopes and dreams from September and made adjustments if they felt the need. 

In Reading Writing Workshop (RWW), we began thinking about informational writing. Our classroom is full of experts on topics such as dogs, Pokemon, cooking, sports, and more. Over the next few  months we will be honing our organizational skills and tightening up what makes good information. In reading, we practiced using some new strategies: pay attention to punctuation, skip the word, and then come back.

The Primary Unit launched our new theme study, Neighborhoods. Students worked hard to share their “schema” about what they already know about the topic by sharing ideas on post-it notes (see photos). Debates around what makes a neighborhood arose,  and we can already see that we are in for an exciting study. Over the next few weeks, students will be researching all about their neighborhoods. Stay tuned for some family homework. We’ll let you know when we send it home.

This week, ask me…

  • what CAFE strategies I tend to use the most.
  • what strategies I can use to find the difference between two numbers. (1st grade math)
  • what I think a neighborhood is.
  • the name of our neighborhood.
  • what’s happening in our read-aloud book, The Borrowers?

Finally, we want to thank you for the incredibly generous TPSA holiday gift. It is an honor to spend our days with your children, and we’re looking forward to the next several months together.

In partnership,

Jennifer and Jane