Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Thank you for working so hard with your child to complete our neighborhood study survey. It’s not too late to turn it in if you are still reviewing the questions with your kiddo. (Click here for the link to the neighborhood survey.)

This week we set about turning our students into urban planners. After looking closely at our own neighborhoods and thinking about landmarks that each of them has, groups of students began planning neighborhoods in our Primary C “city.” Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about what belongs in a neighborhood and how neighborhoods are interconnected. We look forward to seeing what their grand plans will include, along with possible problems that will arise. Speaking of you know someone who runs or is involved in a neighborhood association who could answer, “Why do we have associations, and how do they work?” In addition, if you feel like a neighborhood expert, or know a little bit about city infrastructures, neighborhood histories, transportation, mapping, etc… we’d love to have you come and speak to our students. Citizens of the city are our best resources!

This week in reading workshop we practiced picking out details in nonfiction writing by “stopping and studying each page.”  Students then went on to talk about what they learned in a book that they read with a partner by picking out important facts and explaining them in their own language. We focused in on a shared text, When Marian Sang, to learn and be able to tell all about Marian Anderson.

Reminder: Junior Unit is having a soft pretzel sale on Monday, February 6th. Please send money in with your child if you’d like. Pretzels are $1 each; mustard is 25 cents.

This week ask me…

  • What is the feature in your classroom neighborhood? (river, recycling center, factory, museum, university, hospital)
  • What did you include in your neighborhood landmarks drawing?
  • What are you excited to read in your book bin next week?
  • What topics have you been writing about in information writing recently? What comparisons and examples are you using in articles? What are some other topics you might write about?
  • Did you sign up for the Talent Show? If so, what do you need for your "audition" on Monday?

Have a great weekend!

All best,

Jennifer and Jane