Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

Did you know that frogs spend more than a year in a pond at The Schuylkill Center before venturing onto land? And that toads spend only about a month? Those are just two of the many facts we learned this week from Schuylkill Center educator Damien. We were so excited to catch and look closely at salamanders and polliwogs near and in Cattail Pond. Did you hear that we brought a polliwog back to school?

Big topics and big feelings anchored our poetry studies this week. We brainstormed ideas for the topics of our poems by thinking about special people and places, big feelings, and things we love. When we wrote Small Moments we turned these moments into stories, but now as poets, we are turning these moments into poems. In upcoming week, we will generate ideas for writing many poems, experimenting with powerful language, the use of line breaks, and comparison to convey feeling.

This week, ask me…

...what else I learned about amphibians and what the frogs we heard at The Schuylkill Center sounded like.

...what questions I have about amphibians. Please encourage me to write them down and bring them to school next week.

...about my first tour of (the online math program) DreamBox. Parents: We will send a note soon with instructions for accessing DreamBox from home and mobile devices.

...the subtraction strategies we can use to solve story problems. How do I decide which one to use? (Jane’s math group)

...what I listed as important topics that I could write poems about. Also, ask me how I can use comparison to turn ordinary language into poetic language.

...what our group did at Encuentro on Friday morning.

Dates to remember:

Parents of current 2nd graders: Get a preview of third grade at Move Up Night, Thursday, April 27, at 5:00 p.m.

Student Council is having a pretzel sale on Monday, April 17. Pretzels are $1 each and proceeds help support the middle school spring fling and a worthy community cause yet to be determined.

Have a great weekend.


Jennifer and Jane