Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families:

This week, poets worked hard writing odes. Cats, stuffed animals, cacti, pencils, and mommies were among the honorees of these most dramatic  poems. The highlight of our week was a visit with poet Yolanda Wisher. Currently the third Poet Laureate of the City of Philadelphia, Yolanda Wisher is a multidisciplinary poet and educator. Using paint chips from the hardware store, she led students through a group writing exercise.  She left us with tips for what to write about, including “Choosing your words carefully. That’s so important in poetry.” She also said, “When I’m stuck for something to write about, I put on some music and dance crazy around my house. Shake off the lethargy; it lets you feel free. Or, just pick up a poem you love. Reread a favorite poem. I read poems of poets I really like and admire.” She reminded us that all poems need titles, and they can be the most important part of your poem.

This week at The Schuylkill Center we learned about macroinvertebrates and searched for some in the stream and under rocks. Our shoes and socks may have gotten soaked, but we learned how to screen the stream to collect various specimens. Students found out that some adult amphibians travel to the stream to eat, returning to their habitat after. We also considered where the lifecycle of an amphibian begins and ends. 

A reminder to your child that the DreamBox password is pr17, not pr as in her/his other apps.

This week ask me:

  • about the poem “Primary C Colors,” which we created with Yolanda Wisher.
  • to try to describe some two-dimensional shapes to you as you draw them. (Jane’s math group)
  • to try to figure out how tall you would be (in feet) if you stacked yourself up by 2, 3, 4… (Jennifer’s math group)
  • what or who was your ode about.
  • to explain what a verb, adjective, and adverb are.
  • about the percussive rhythms performed by Al Bustan at Encuentro.

Dates to remember:

The Primary Unit looks forward to our third and final learning celebration, which will take place at The Schuylkill Center on May 17 (rain date May 31). 

We are going to the Academy of Natural Sciences on Wednesday, May 10.

Have a great weekend.

Jennifer and Jane