Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

We were so happy to have the gang back together this week as we dove into some new units of study. In Science, we visited several ponds at The Schuylkill Center and made observations about amphibians in our fresh science notebooks. Some students’ observed that when frogs breathe, their necks move; there were tadpoles in the water; many dead leaves sunk to the bottom of the pond; there are lots of places for toads and salamanders to hide; and the water was still.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be meeting with some educators from The Schuylkill Center to help us with our many wonderings. The Primary Unit looks forward to our third and final Learning Celebration which will take place at the center on May 17 (rain date May 24). Stay tuned for more details. Finally,  The Center offers great opportunities for your family to learn about toads and frogs. Please check out their website to find out how you can volunteer for the Toad Detour:

In writing, we began our poetry unit by taking a closer look at ordinary objects in new ways. Students considered how to describe the object by color, smell, shape, touch, whether it reminded them of something else, and if it gave them a certain feeling. On Thursday we observed mini-daffodil plants and some of our poets wrote the following: “two-headed lion looking for prey,” “fancy light of a chandelier,” “velvet trumpet wearing feathers,” “the king, the queen, and her guards.”.We’ll be exploring many types of poetry over the next few months. There are so many opportunities ripe for making poetry. Try to look at ordinary objects through “poets glasses” with your child over the weekend and beyond. Have fun!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to listen to the Jasper String Quartet. They played a piece that was all about a Valencia orange. The children (and adults) were transfixed as we listened to bright notes and plucking sounds that walked us through the experience of eating a delicious, juicy orange. Many students compared the music to poetry and were so excited to connect music with writing. 

Primary Unit teachers will be out in the yard on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00-8:15, so if you would like to say hi or need to check in with us about anything, you are welcome to do so at those times.

This week, ask me…

  • How to play penguin bingo (first grade math).
  • What unit of measurement we used in math this week (second grade).
  • How to read poetry like a poet.
  • What I’m wondering about amphibians.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jennifer and Jane