Primary C Weekly Note

Hello Primary C Families,

We would be delighted to meet you out at The Schyulkill Center next Wednesday, May 17, from 11:00-1:45 p.m. for our final Learning Celebration. We’ll play, have lunch, take a tour, and learn about amphibians. Please let us know by Tuesday if you are unable to make it. We recommend carpooling to The Center as parking is fairly limited. We will meet you near the parking lot and Environmental Center and direct you to our gathering spot.

On Wednesday, we took a terrific trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences and visited the Frog and Toad Exhibit and the Live Animal Show. Kids were enamored with the variety of toads and frogs on display. We saw polliwogs with hind legs, considered the girth and diet of the African Bullfrog, pondered what makes Poison Dart Frogs poisonous, and just enjoyed one another’s company. 

Before going, we spent time thinking about how we could best represent ourselves, families, and school while  we were in our city classroom. Students took on the challenge of presenting their best selves, worked hard to do so, and, when we returned to school, reflected on how it went. We are so proud of the work our classroom community continues to engage in as we near the end of this school year. What a great class!

This week we were lucky to get a visit from first grade parent Rebecca Selvin (aka Nature Girl). She “strayed” from the trail and found herself in Primary C, where she taught us about camping gear, bear safety, where to hang your food, and how to read a topographic map, among other things. Students asked a variety of questions about surviving in the wild and learned how camping, backpacking, and hiking can be a meditative and relaxing pastime. If you have a passion or interest that you would be excited to share with us, please get in touch. Our greatest teachers and lessons come from within our community.  Plus, we make a great audience.

If your child has a summer birthday and he or she would like to do an in-class birthday celebration, please email us to schedule a time.

This week ask me…

  • What was a highlight from the third-grade play?
  • Help me practice my math facts. Let’s play a game called “Follow Me.” Ex: Start at 5, add 3, cut it in half, add 6…  Keep it going within 1-10 (first grade) and 1-20 (second grade).
  • What did I like about the Ensemble Recital at Encuentro?

Have a great weekend,

Jane and Jennifer