Primary C Weekly Note

Hello Primary C Families,

Did you know that many frogs can jump at least 30 times their body length, and some smaller species of tree frogs can jump 50 times their length? This is the human equivalent of jumping the length of a football field without a running start. Holy toad, Salamander! This week, we did some leaping (and hopping, crawling, running, and walking) like different kinds of amphibians, which gave us an appreciation for their characteristic movements and how they move.

We hope you can join us at The Schuylkill Center on Wednesday, May 17, from 11:00-1:30 (rain date May 31) to explore the ponds. You are almost assured of seeing some cool amphibians.

We continued immersing ourselves in poetry this week, reading lots of poems, trying our hands at writing limericks and odes, and using repeated patterns to create effects in poems. We also revised some of our poetry, searching for precisely the right words to match what we are trying to say.

Finally, a few more notes... We’d like to congratulate all the students who performed in the recital this week. We are so proud of these brave and hardworking musicians. 

We will continue to be in the yard before school on Wednesdays and Fridays and look forward to having face time with many of you. 

Keep up the good work on preparing kids for our trips to The Schuylkill Center by dressing your children in long sleeves and pants and packing full water bottles and trashless lunches. 

This upcoming Wednesday 5/10, however, will will not visit The Schuylkill Center. Instead, we will head to the Academy of Natural Sciences for a special frog and toad exhibit. 

This week, ask me...

  • to go on a 3-D shape hunt around our house. All I have to do is search for things that are shaped like cubes, spheres, cylinders, and rectangular prisms (boxes), and tell you what I found. (Jane’s math group)
  • what I know about 1,000. (Jennifer’s math group)
  • how my Family Circle meeting went today.
  • what I found out from my research of frogs and toads.

Have a great weekend.

Jennifer and Jane