Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Our first full week was hearty and energizing. We practiced Read-to-Self, thought about our hopes and dreams for the school year, and took our first trip of the year to the Schuylkill Center, among other things. Classroom routines are falling into place, new faces are feeling familiar, and students are truly beginning to own the space with confidence.

As we continue to build our community throughout the year, we’d like to invite you to join us to celebrate your child’s birthday by coming in, reading a favorite book from home, and joining us in a celebratory song. Feel free to email us a few weeks ahead of time, and we’ll gladly set up a time for your visit. If your child’s birthday falls in the summer we suggest a “half-birthday.” We look forward to spending time with you and yours!

Please remember to:

  • Send a full change of clothes into school with your child. We will keep them in your child's cubby in case there is ever a need for them.
  • Send in a family photo that we can display in our classroom and get to know all the families, new and old, in our community.

This week, ask your child:

  • What was a highlight from the Schuylkill Center?
  • Tell me about the song you’re learning in Chorus.
  • What does Read-to-Self mean?
  • First grade math: Can you sing the months song to me? What did you notice about the coins you looked at this week?
  • Second grade math: What math facts did you practice this week? Can you teach me the counting down game?


Jane and Jennifer