PrC Friday note

Dear Families,

As we hope you have heard, the Primary unit is studying air and weather. Students are looking for evidence that air is matter--that it is something real. They will explore the properties of air using plastic syringes and tubing. They will observe how air can be captured, how air can be compressed, and how air under pressure can move things around. Students are observing daily weather conditions such as temperature, rainfall, cloud cover, wind speed, and wind direction. They are recording all this information on a class calendar and in their science notebooks.

We welcome your help in your child’s learning more about weather, too. You might discuss weather reports you read and hear. Point out weather vanes if you happen to see one. If you have an indoor or outdoor thermometer, read and record the temperature at about the same time each day and look for patterns.

Weather is an ever-changing story. You can guide your child's scientific inquiry by helping him or her to make observations and by nurturing his or her natural ability to ask questions based on those observations. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a list of questions much longer than the initial observations.

Enjoy your air and weather adventures!

Best, Jennifer and Jane