Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

There is so much to enjoy during these lovely weeks of spring! The weather is warm (most of the time), and the days are filled with exciting performances, events, and plenty of learning. Yesterday afternoon we watched the third grade play: "George’s Time Travel Adventure: Fighting for Fairness," which had the theme of building a more fair America. It was a spectacular show and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of our country. We capped off our week with the JU/MS recital at Encuentro; it was great to see and hear the variety of musical talents that exist in our school community! It was a hearty concert, and our kids were great audience members.

This week at the Schuylkill Center, students hid paper birds of various color amid the brush, bramble, and trees. We explored reasons behind why a bird might be camouflaged. Our collective understanding of what a bird needs to survive is growing. Next week our fertilized eggs will arrive and the excitement is building.

In writing workshop, students have been researching birds for fiction writing. Next week we will look at each bird’s various characteristics and create characters for a bird story. There has been much enthusiasm and vigor around independent research.

Here is a great opportunity for your budding birders: John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum will lead bird walks this weekend to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. See the calendar below.

This week ask your child:

  • What are some reasons why birds might want to be camouflaged?
  • Why do some birds have flashy, colorful plumage?
  • The eggs/chick are coming next week. What are you looking forward to observing?

Have a wonderful (and dry!) weekend,

Kaitlin and Jennifer