Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

We wanted to begin this week with a special thanks to Maria, Mia’s mom, and Naomi, Sam’s mom, for chaperoning our trip to Crystal Cave. What an enjoyable and memorable day!

In light of recent changes with the Schuylkill Center, Primary Unit teachers have been working to come up with alternative field sites for our Rocks and Minerals study. We will stay in close communication as we finalize our plans. For next Wednesday, please have your child prepare for school as you would for a day at the Schuylkill Center: trashless lunch, full water bottle, and appropriate attire.

Please carefully review the information that was shared about next Friday’s Halloween celebration. We have begun discussing plans for the parade and the alternate activity with the children. If your child plans to participate in the alternate activity, make sure to pre-register as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to meeting with you at Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday, November 2, and Tuesday, November 3. In the next few days, we will be sending individual confirmation emails to remind you of the day and time you selected. We will also give a more general overview of the topics we hope to discuss when we meet. Feel free to reach out to us beforehand if you have any questions you’d like us to address in our conference.

Here are some questions to ask your child about the week:

  • What story or stories did you listen to during “Listen to Reading?” What are you hoping to listen to next week? 
  • What does it mean to “back up and reread?” How can this strategy help you with your reading? 
  • What were some of the descriptive “nicknames” the tour guides used for the rock formations in Crystal Cave? Can you use geologic words to describe what you saw? 
  • What was your favorite part of today’s Mystery Morning in Family Circles? 
  • What story are you planning to share during next week’s writing sharing? What are you most proud about in that story?

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer and Kaitlin