Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

There has been a flourish of excitement and energy in our room this week while our class focuses on project work. Students are working hard to follow inquiries that still remain around our Rocks and Minerals study. In small groups, or independently, students have picked topics they’ve found fascinating during this study. There will be a wide range of projects (some still works-in-progress) on display at our Learning Celebration. 

In Reading Writing Workshop, our writers have been referencing an “Editing Checklist” as they finish pages of personal narratives. It’s been inspiring to see them take such pride in the writing process. As they have enthusiastically worked through their pieces, some of your children have said that editing is “like a puzzle.” We are excited to share our writing progress with you soon.

Questions to ask this weekend:

  • How was the mystery in Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs solved?
  • How did the author bring her story to life?
  • First Grade Math: What are some of the shapes on our Calendar?
  • Second Grade Math: What were some patterns you noticed on the “Twos Chart”?
  • What coding program did you try out this week with our Technology teacher, Matt Murray?

We look forward to seeing you at our Learning Celebration next Tuesday, December 15  at 10:00am, directly following the Winter Concert in the Garage at 9:00am. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kaitlin, Jennifer, and Marisa