Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

With our spring conferences one month away, we wanted to encourage you to try to sign up for a conference with at least one of your child’s specialist teachers, in addition to scheduling a conference with us. Our specials classes (art, Spanish, music, and P.E.) and our specialist teachers are a rich and integral part of your child’s experience at school, and we are sure you’ll find these conversations valuable. Our Spanish teachers, Cecilia (1st grade) and Tiziana (2nd grade) will be on the 8th grade trip to Puerto Rico, but please email them if you would like to arrange a meeting ([email protected], [email protected]) Below are the links for your child’s teachers’ Doodle polls:

“Red Group”

P.E.: Mike

Art: Rick

Music: Chris

“Purple Group”

P.E.: Mike

Art: Neesa

Music: Shannon

Speaking of scheduling, our next Chorus Concert and Learning Celebration are right around the corner, too. The concert will begin at 1:15 in the garage and will feature 2 songs from the Primary Unit chorus, along with short performances from each music class. We expect the concert to last 20-30 minutes. Please join us in our classroom afterwards for our Learning Celebration!

We are excited to announce that the Primary Unit has raised $2,786 so far for Reach Out and Read! Please be sure to turn in any other donations as soon as possible so we can pass them along to the organization’s representative, Kirsten, soon.

Here are some questions to ask your child about our quite busy week:

  • Did you share your video of yourself reading your review? How did it go? Were you persuaded by any of your classmates’ reviews?
  • What is a book review? What books have you been reviewing during “Work on Writing?”
  • What was the topic of the article that you read with your “Jigsaw Group” during our Theme time on Wednesday? What new facts did you learn?
  • What was your favorite part of our 100th Day of School Celebration on Thursday?
  • How did you feel about this afternoon’s performance of The Taming of the Shrew? Did you have any favorite parts?

Have a lovely weekend!

Jennifer and Kaitlin