Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

As we approach Thanksgiving, we can’t help but reflect on how grateful we feel that you share your children with us. The work that we do together as a classroom community is reciprocal. We teach children, but are continuously learning from their questions, thoughts, and wonderings. They remind us to keep reflecting on our teaching practices from new perspectives. So . . . THANK YOU!

Our read-alouds this week have centered around the “ripple-effect” that kindness and thoughtfulness can create. We were really impressed with the empathetic questions and comments shared during our storytime. We capped off our “ripple effect” talks by making cornbread that we will share during the Thanksgiving Feast next week. What fine, efficient, and tidy bakers we have in Primary C.

There will not be a Friday Note next week but we wanted to let you know of some of our plans. Next Monday we will take a field trip to the hear the Orchestra. Tuesday is a chock full with our Thanksgiving Feast, rock band performance, and a visit to our classroom by the 7th grade rock experts. School is closed next Wednesday, but we will pick up our Rocks and Minerals study the following Wednesday, December 2nd on a field trip to the Academy of Natural Science. Please prepare just as you would for the usual Wednesday outings.

We are attaching the Home Scavenger Hunt worksheet mentioned in last week’s note. Our apologies for not getting to this sooner. We’d like to collect them before we leave for Thanksgiving break, next Tuesday.

  • Here are some questions to ask your children this weekend:
  • How did you “bring out the inside” in your writing this week? 
  • What do the knots on the Retell Rope stand for? And how can it help you as a reader? 
  • First Grade Math: How do you solve doubles facts? 
  • Second Grade Math: How did you group the beans to count them? How many did we count as a class?

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Warmly, Kaitlin and Jennifer