Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

We have been reading Trumpet of the Swan in tandem with our bird study. Students have been listening for facts about trumpeter swans, as the main character, Sam, takes us along on his journey. This book has really set the tone for our bird study and has inspired the class to take quiet hikes at the Schuylkill Center, paying special attention to the sites and sounds of our local birds. There is something so magical about walking in the woods with 24 (almost) silent first and second graders, listening with rapt attention.

This week we started to dig into “what makes a bird a bird,” really thinking about the complexities of categorization. For example: All bird species lay eggs can fit into both the life-cycle category and behavior/physical characteristics category.

Our bird study will wrap up on May 25 with a learning celebration at the Schuylkill Center. We invite you to join us from 11:00am to1:45pm at the center. Your children will share some highlights from our study, and we will enjoy a presentation about birds by the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Unfortunately, transportation is not provided for our guests. Car-pooling is a great idea since there are limited parking spaces. We can’t wait to see you!

This weekend, ask your child:

  • What is the difference between realistic fiction and fantasy fiction? And which do you prefer?
  • What makes a bird a bird? Some birds have... All birds have…
  • How can you show a classmate something during a quiet hike?
  • In first grade math: What is the “add nines” strategy?
  • In second grade math: What is the difference between a set and a whole fraction?

Enjoy your weekend,

Kaitlin and Jennifer