Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

February is off to a wonderful start! This week was jam packed as we dug into our Philadelphia Theme Unit with a project that focused on Wants and Needs. Be sure to check out the TPS Blog to read more about it. In writing, students continued to refine the strategies needed to convince readers of their opinion. We have many persistent and persuasive writers in our workshop. It will be so exciting to link these skills to the social justice aspect of our theme work.

Just a reminder that next Thursday, February 11 we will celebrate Valentine’s Day in Primary C in the morning! If your child would like to make/buy valentines for the class, we ask that your child PLEASE BRING 24 VALENTINES on Valentine’s Day, so there is one for each person. While your child can sign each one, PLEASE DO NOT LABEL THEM WITH INDIVIDUAL NAMES. It gets very complicated to pass them out if they have names on them. Also, a reminder that we are a “candy-free” school.

Here are some questions to ask your child about the week:

  • What was the most challenging part about our new energizer Pass-It-On?
  • How did you “Talk Back” in your writing this week?
  • In second grade math: What strategies did you use to solve word problems in math group?
  • In first grade math: Talk about how to play 50 or Bust and Number in My Pocket. Which one did you find the most challenging? Why?

Have a terrific weekend,

Kaitlin and Jennifer