Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We discussed our hopes and dreams for the school year this week. Here are a few of them from your children:

  • I hope to read about Greek Myths and learn all the gods and goddesses.
  • I hope to make new friends on the bus.
  • I hope to read a whole new book series.
  • I hope I can build forts at the Schuylkill Center.

Next week we will create class rules together, so we can set up the kind of classroom community where these hopes and many others can come true.

The weather was hot and dusty for our first experience at the Schuylkill Center. We spent much of the day learning about safety rules and the boundaries of our play areas. And then we played! We did several active and cooperative group games with Primary B, and your children also worked together building forts out of sticks and rocks. We encourage you to send in a full change of clothes for your child to keep in his or her cubby for those occasional mishaps or a wet and muddy day at The Schuylkill Center. A shoebox or other similar sized bag or container works well.

Along with having our first full round of specials and our first trip to the Schuylkill Center, we introduced more routines and academic subjects. We launched our Reading/Writing Workshop this week. The children practiced reading silently to themselves for short periods of time as they build stamina for sustaining concentration. We also talked about three ways to read a book: look at the pictures and tell the story, retell a familiar story, and read the words. This way every child can be successful no matter what his or her reading ability.

A few announcements and reminders.

• For those parents who are new to Primary D, thanks for signing up for a time slot on our doodle poll for a beginning-of-the-year meeting. These brief meetings are just a chance to fill us in on anything you’d like us to know about your child as we begin our year together. There are still some times available if it fits your schedule:

• The Weekly Note has some new features. Above this note, you will notice the "Primary Calendar." Please check the calendar regularly for important upcoming events. We will provide details about those events, as needed, in the Weekly Note or via email. To the right of this note is our online photo gallery. Our hope is to add new pictures every week, so be sure to check it out.

• We look forward to seeing you for Back-to-School night on Wednesday, October 5. More information to follow.

See you soon.

Ben and Niké