Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We began a new read aloud chapter book this week called Gooseberry Park. The main characters are a squirrel, a bat, a Labrador, a hermit crab, and a retired professor human. The squirrel is about to have babies in the story, and our class is abuzz with anticipation!

In Writing Workshop this week students practiced asking clarifying questions about each other’s informational writing. Students also practiced illustrating their writing with pictures that include labels and arrows. Your children know lots about an array of topics.

Here are a few informational book samples from this week.


Step 1. Get a drum. Step 2. Get drum sticks. Step 3. Put your foot on the bass. Step 4. Put your other foot on the high hat. Step 5. Put both hands on the drum sticks. Step 6. Put hand on the snare and the floor tom. 

I like drums because they are in a lot of things. I like rock and jazz.

How to Make Slime

What you need: Glue, Tide, food coloring, a bowl and a spoon.

What are the steps? Take the bowl and put the glue and the tide in the bowl and mix them together and then mix it with your hands. 

Food coloring: Put the food coloring in and mix it together and

Ta dahhhh!

For our theme study we took a second neighborhood walk this week to better get to know our neighborhood. Students took note of what we saw as we walked east on Lombard a few blocks and then back on the South Street commercial corridor. There was lots to see, and students took notes on clipboards of what they observed as we walked. Students observed the following among many other landmarks: the river, coffee shops, lamp posts, traffic lights, restaurants, and construction sites. We will continue our discussions and observations of our neighborhood in coming weeks.

As part of our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, the Primary Unit participates in a month-long read-a-thon that benefits Reach Out and Read and the children of Philadelphia. Reach Out and Read is an organization that provides doctor’s offices throughout the city with books for their youngest patients, many of whom have limited access to age-appropriate reading materials. Kirsten Rogers, a spokeswoman for the organization, visited the Primary Unit today to introduce the fundraiser. Be on the lookout in your child’s backpack for details about how to participate.

Some topics for discussion:

  • What math activity did you play this week?
  • What did you notice on your walk around the neighborhood?
  • Which character is your favorite in the book Gooseberry Park?
  • What were you working on during Activity Time this week?

See you soon.

Ben and Niké