Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

We asked your children what goals they have for themselves this winter. Here are some of the goals they wrote down.

  • I want to get better at sounding out words.
  • I want to meet people in Pr C.
  • My goal is to get faster at Dreambox.
  • I want to be a better friend.
  • To run faster
  • I want to help cleaning up.
  • I want to read the morning message.
  • To use friendship tools
  • To help someone if they get hurt

Your children arrived back at school on Tuesday a teensy bit taller and with the same enthusiasm for learning. We jumped right into our theme study this week. This year we will study The Neighborhood. We began a classroom conversation about what a neighborhood is. We also began some mapping work by practicing using a map of our classroom for a scavenger hunt. We’ll be doing more work with maps in coming weeks. Try making a scavenger hunt map of your home for a connection to our map work. Spend some time looking at Philly maps, too. We’ll stay in touch about our Neighborhood study as it progresses.

A few questions you could ask your child about this week.

  • What did you do in your Family Circle gathering?
  • Where did you hide your penny in the classroom during the map scavenger hunt?
  • Who did you read about who uses the greeting, “Where y’at?”
  • What did you practice in math class this week?
  • Are their more dog people or cat people in your class?

Have a great weekend.

Ben and Niké