Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We worked on some mindfulness this week in Primary D. Several of you had shared a children’s mindfulness program with us called “Sitting Still Like a Frog.” We love the frog connection to our curriculum, of course, and we also wanted to help students practice settling their bodies and minds during our Quiet Time. We tried out the first lesson in the program this week. Students had different reflections about the experience. One student said, “I felt really relaxed and joyful.” Another student said, “It felt boring because they just talked about breathing.” We’ll continue this practice once or twice a week this spring and hope more students get to that relaxed, joyful place during the activities!

Students learned more about the frog life cycle this week. At The Schuylkill Center students also made observations about one of the ponds in their science notebooks. After sitting quietly and describing how the pond looked, smelled, and sounded, students practiced combining their descriptions to make poetic descriptions of the pond. Here are some of the descriptions of the pond they came up with:

an old swimming pool

a Coca Cola slushie

coffee grinds

a pool of chocolate milk

a map with a big smear on it

a clogged toilet that smells like nature

During Writing Workshop, students worked on descriptive poems about the pond and also on other frog and toad poems. Some of the poems from this week are below.

Froggie Day Blues

I’m a little 

tadpole almost 

a frog


Wetlands Pond

You are








looks like you

have…coffee grounds in you

Oh, wetlands pond I would not

like to swim in you!



Frogs, what a beautiful

sight. Smooth fat body,

bumpy legs, eyes of 

glory, an evil face. I wonder 

if I’m dreaming.



At my grandparents

house we 

heard noises


we all 

went outside

at first

we couldn’t

see anything

but then

I saw something

jump away

a frog I 

screamed waving

my arms 

Frog frog frog frog frog!


Topics for discussion:

  • What poems did you work on this week?
  • How did you creatively describe the Wetlands Pond?
  • What frog and toad facts did you learn this week?
  • What was your favorite math activity from this week?
  • Which of your classmates performed in the music recital?
  • What did you do in your Family Circle?

Things to know:

The final Primary Unit Learning Celebration is at The Schuylkill Center, Wednesday, May 17, from 11:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Throughout the spring, Primary Unit teachers will be in the yard on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00 to 8:15 a.m., so if you would like to say hi or need to check in with us about anything, you’re welcome to do so at this time.

Next Wednesday, May 10, we are going on a field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see the frog exhibit. We will not be heading out to The Schuylkill Center that day.

See you soon.

Niké and Ben