Primary D Weekly Notes

Dear Primary D Parents,

Thank you for your partnership this year. We have enjoyed every day with your children! They have grown so much in the past nine months: developing independence, reading and writing new genres, and navigating friendships. All the while, they continued to develop their own unique personalities.  It makes us realize just how much they, and we, have accomplished this year.

We had an exuberant day at The Schuylkill Center on Wednesday. It was green frogs galore out there. We caught lots of tadpoles and polliwogs in nets, and frogs called to us the entire time we were there. We will head to The Schuylkill Center one last time on our final Wednesday of the school year next week.

Next week we will celebrate our year in many ways. We’ll share poems with each other, celebrate several more summer birthdays, clean out our drawers and cubbies, sing for the 8th grade graduation ceremony, write letters and poems to teachers throughout the building, and more. 

As we head into the last few days of school, please make note of these important reminders:

Monday, June 5, is Move-Up Day.  For the period before lunch and lunchtime, our first graders will welcome some of the kindergartners to our classroom.  We know they will enjoy showing the future first graders around our room and telling them all about life in the Primary Unit. Our current second graders will spend that time with the third grade teachers. Specific groups for next year’s first graders and third graders have not been determined yet, so everyone will visit all the classes. Move-Up Day is a fun way to ease the transition into a new grade for next year and to help familiarize the students with next year’s classmates, spaces, and teachers.

Graduation is Friday, June 9.  The Primary Unit will sing “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” for the ceremony. They sounded fantastic at rehearsal this week. The school building closes at 11:30 a.m., and all children are expected to be picked up from the yard by that time, as the school building closes, as well.  There is no lunch or ASEP.

We started sending home your children’s school work this week. During our last week of school we’ll be sending home more completed work, a summer reading list, and a practice math packet.  Please keep an eye out for them.  The reading list and math packet are chosen specifically for your child. We will tell the children that they do not have to complete the entire packet. Doing a few pages a week would be a great strategy.  Please note that we cannot replace individualized summer packets over the summer; if they are misplaced, you will be able to access general recommendations on the Student Page of the school website.

What a treat it has been to be part of this wonderful year together in Primary D! Best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Niké and Ben