Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

We had quite a lively Encuentro to start off our day! Middle schoolers demonstrated their salsa dancing skills, which they learned in mini-courses this week. We sang two new songs: Feist’s "1,2,3,4" and “Last Leaf on the Tree.” We ended the morning by singing our new Encuentro song, composed and led by Spanish teacher Giovana. We just can’t get that catchy tune out of our heads!

Preparations are under way for our Thanksgiving feast, and next Tuesday is the big day! The entire school will gather together to enjoy a delicious lunch. Kindergarten students make salad, 3rd Grade and Junior Unit students make brownies, and Middle School students make lasagna. This morning we baked our contribution—cornbread! The children had a great time measuring, pouring, cracking eggs, and stirring the batter. Keep in mind that there will be a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal available for kids with sensitivities. You need not send a lunch next Tuesday unless your child is unable to eat the items on our menu.

In Writing Workshop we are preparing for our first writing celebration of the year. The children have been busy “fixing up” and “fancying up” a favorite piece to share with their classmates. Ask your child about which small moment story she/he has chosen to read aloud to the class.

The children have been excited about the read-alouds we’ve done to support the all-school theme. This week we introduced Cam Jansen and read The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball. We talked about what it means to have a photographic memory and how Cam uses her gift to solve mysteries. We’ve had fun practicing using our budding “photographic” memories to remember details about each other’s clothing without looking. Give it a try at home – we’ve found that it’s not as easy as Cam makes it seem!

Our trip to the Wissahickon was the perfect ending to outdoor classroom season. We had a beautiful day to eat lunch, play, and spend time learning from the Wissahickon Nature Center educators. We will spend the winter months delving into our city/neighborhood theme and return to the outdoors in the spring to study birds.

We are looking forward to our trip to the Kimmel Center on Monday to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra. The music department has been preparing the children for the concert which should be very exciting and enjoyable for all. We will hear a new piece based on three Aesop's Fables and a perennial favorite, Peter and the Wolf, which is a puppetry performance that we anticipate being an engaging experience.

Since there will not be a weekly note next week, we send along our best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see everyone on Monday and Tuesday next week and then not again until the following Monday, November 30.

Important Date:

Tuesday, December 15: PU Learning Celebration and Chorus Concert, 9am-11am

Warm regards,

Niké and Ben