Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

Your children sang along to the Bruno Mars tune, “Count on Me” this morning at our K-3 Encuentro. Before we sang the song, several children shared what they think it means to “count on” someone, and we bet you might hear your children humming the tune throughout the weekend. It is one catchy song!

This week in our Reading Writing Workshop, students learned and practiced several key reading strategies. They learned how to “check for understanding” and “back up and reread” periodically to be sure they are comprehending what they are reading. You can practice backing up and rereading to check for understanding when you are reading out loud at home and discussing books. We also introduced our iPads this week for students to practice “Listen to Reading.” Feel free to login to “StoryOnline,” the website we use, from the TPS website. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “Students” to get to “Student Central,” and your child will know the way from there.

At the Schuylkill Center this week students found two rocks and drew and wrote down four characteristics of each: size, shape, color, and texture. One student wrote “rock shaped” under the shape category as they were getting started, and we worked with students to push their thinking as they worked in their science notebooks for the first time. This same student eventually noticed their rock looked like a strawberry, so he ended up writing in “strawberry shaped.” We are looking forward to many more creative descriptions of rocks in coming weeks.

Have a great weekend.

Ben and Niké