Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

Thank you to our TPSA volunteers for the beautiful and expansive Book Fair this week. Primary D students were enthralled with the selections when we visited as a class, and students were talking about books that caught their attention throughout the week. Our students also really enjoyed hearing from author Nancy Viau this week as they asked her questions about her life, and she spoke about her writing process. She encouraged student writers to use onomatopoeia and to “add a little crazy(fun)” to their writing. In Writing Workshop this week students wrote about small moment stories from their Thanksgiving break, and we will work on incorporating some of Nancy Viau’s advice into these stories next week.

Next week students will be creating their own project as a culmination of our Rocks and Minerals study. Here is a list of questions about rocks and minerals and soil we brainstormed today. Check in with your child about what rocks and minerals questions they still have and what question they may want to explore further next week.


  • How do volcanoes get bigger?
  • Where do gemstones come from?
  • How do rocks get bigger or smaller?
  • How do crystals form?
  • How did scientists come up with names for the three different kinds of rocks?
  • What are different ways rocks are used?
  • How do diamonds form? Why are diamonds so strong?
  • What kinds of things in our classroom are made from rocks and minerals?
  • How does soil affect rocks and minerals?

We began a new read-aloud mystery this week. The book Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet is chock-full of clues and intriguing details. Ask your child about the three letters in the beginning of the story. We will be learning a bit about Johannes Vermeer and pentominoes, among other things, as we read this book together.

Calendar Reminder

On December 15 you are invited to a Winter Concert and a Learning Celebration. The concert will be at 9am and the Learning Celebration will follow. We will wrap up our morning together at 11am.

Here is a message from Shannon about Winter Concert details.

The first Winter Concert will take place on Tuesday December 15 at 9 AM in the Garage. Primary Unit Chorus, Third Grade Chorus, and the Junior String Ensemble will perform, and parents are welcome to come hear their children celebrate the learning they have done as growing musicians in these ensembles. Concert dress is solid red on top and solid black on the bottom. Girls may wear a red dress or red top and black skirt and tights if they prefer. TPS t-shirts are just fine, but no sweatshirts--it will be too warm on the risers.

See you next week.

Ben and Niké