Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

It has been a busy and very exciting week in Primary D!

On Monday morning students were a little disappointed to learn that none of our eggs had hatched over the weekend. But all morning we listened as the eggs peeped and cheeped, and by the afternoon we had two chicks cheeping away in the brooder box! Hatching was hard work, and our chicks looked tired. By later in the week they were vibrant and fun to watch. The chicks departed today to return to the farm.

Questions you can ask your child:

  • Did you like holding one of the chicks?
  • How can you tell the difference between the male and female chicks?
  • How do the chicks get water?

We began our much anticipated Fantasy Writing Unit by reading Hey Al by Arthur Yorinks, illustrated by Richard Egielski. Students then broke into pairs and explored a fantasy book thinking about what made it different from realistic fiction. As we shared our findings students were best able to understand the makings of a fantasy story and were prepared to write. Their stories are contained by only two rules; one of the characters must be a bird, the story must have a problem and a solution.

Questions you can ask your child:

  • What makes Hey Al a fantasy story?
  • What is your bird character’s name? What kind of bird is he/she?
  • What is the problem in your story? What will be the solution?

We hope that you had as much fun as we did during our final Learning Celebration at the Schuylkill Center on Wednesday. What luck that we had such beautiful weather and were able to really enjoy our time together.

A few notes for next week:

We will be going to Tinicum on Wednesday again to observe water birds in their habitats.

On Thursday and Friday the Primary Unit Mercado is being hosted by the Spanish Department. Further information about attending the Mercado is attached here .

Have a wonderful long weekend, we will see your children on Tuesday!

Niké and Marisa