Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

We began a Primary Unit service project together this week for the organization “Reach Out and Read.” A representative from the organization joined us at school this week for our official kick-off. Look for a packet in your child’s backpack with the details, and we’re happy to answer any questions. This project will continue through Valentine’s Day.

We continued our Persuasive Writing Unit this week. Students practiced outlining and then writing letters that contained an opinion with three backup pieces of evidence. Students also practiced using transition words to string their pieces of evidence together. Several students wrote to family members asking for a pet. Several others students wrote to parents asking for more screen time. Sorry about that, and we support you in holding out no matter how persuasive the letter!

Here are a few writing samples from your children.

This one is to the American Girl Doll company: “I want American Girl Dolls to be less expensive because more people can buy them more often and kids can have more fun. We will have better lives.”

This one is to a classroom dad: “I want an XBOX 360. I would stop complaining that other kids have one, and I will not play on it too much, and I will let others play on it.”

This one is to Justine: “I think we should have a school organization to help people in need! Because then there would be less people in the cold with no home. And it would be very kind! Also we could have lots of fundraisers, it would be very fun! That is why I think we should have a school organization.”

Lastly, here is a persuasive argument a second grader wrote as to why eight is the best age to be: “I think 8 is the best age. You get to be in second grade. You get to be in Primary D. You get to read really good books. You get to be with first graders. You get to do math. That is why I think 8 is the best age.”

Have a wonderful weekend. We hope you are all persuaded to go play outside in the snow with your kids!

Ben and Niké