Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

It was a pleasure welcoming you to our classroom at Back-to-School Night on Wednesday. We sincerely appreciate your being there to learn more about our program. We hope our presentation was informative and that it left you with a good sense of what your child’s life will be like in Primary D this year. If there was anything you missed or if you have questions, please be in touch.

This week we worked with the children around choosing “Good-Fit” books.” One of the most important things children can do to become better readers is to read books at their independent level. Good-fit books are books that fit the child’s purpose, interest, and ability to comprehend the material. We will continue spending focused classroom time teaching the children how to find books that are just right for them. The children practiced “shopping” for good-fit books on their own this week. Through practice and guidance from us the children will become skillful at choosing books that are appropriate for them.

Each Primary D student had the opportunity to share why he/she hoped to be the class representative for Student Council. Many shared compelling reasons for wanting the job. It was brave of so many children to share their ideas with their teachers and classmates. We chose one child’s name out of a hat, and our class rep this year is Degitu Carey. We’ll send you off for the weekend with some of the heartfelt words our candidates shared with their classmates:

  • I hope to help save money for the school.
  • I want to help stop global warming.
  • I want to help the environment and the ocean so sea turtles don’t get caught in plastic bags, and I also want to take care of the Schuylkill Center.
  • I feel strongly about having rainbow day at our school.
  • I want to help the community.
  • I have good ideas and new ideas. Perhaps we could help the whole world? We could have food drives and maybe even help places that don’t have enough water.
  • I will make a suggestion box.
  • I want to plan crazy hat, hair and pajama day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Niké and Ben