Weekly note January 8

Dear Primary D Parents,

Happy 2016. We are excited to be back to it. In Writing Workshop this week students worked on small moment stories about their holidays. Some of their topics were staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, riding a brand new bike, and trying to fend off boredom during long drives or flights. Next week in our Writing Workshop, we will begin a Persuasive Writing Unit that will connect to our theme study of The City.

In Reading Workshop this week we practiced the strategy, “Infer and support with evidence.” We gave students several scenarios such as, “If it is a hot, humid day in the summer, and you hear a song off in the distance, and you see kids running towards the song, what do you think the sound is?” We practiced inferring by thinking about the details in these scenarios, and then we practiced the strategy of inferring as we read our class read aloud book, “Chasing Vermeer.” Ask your children about inferring, and see what you can infer and support with evidence while you are reading together at home.

The mysterious plot of “Chasing Vermeer” is keeping us on our toes, and we are learning lots about the artist Vermeer. One student in our class saw a Vermeer painting in person over the break and told us all about it! Feel free to look at Vermeer pictures together at home. Some of the characters in the book assert that some Vermeer paintings are knockoffs. Have a look for yourselves if you care to debate which might be authentic and which might be paintings done in the style of Vermeer.

*A couple of reminders from the Art Department and our TPSA Representatives.*

-In art classes, Primary students will be drawing the front facade of their houses, and then making a clay "portrait" of their house. This ties in with the Primary Unit City Theme. If you have not already done so, could you please take a photo of the front facade of your house or apartment building, and email it to your children's classroom teachers? Having reference photos will greatly assist the students with their drawings.

-The Primary Unit parents are getting together on Wednesday, January 20th, from 6:30-8:30 at the Garage for a potluck, and we would love to have you all join us!

See you soon.

Ben and Niké