Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We’ve continued work on persuasive writing in Writing Workshop this week. We read I Wanna Iguana as an example of a child who uses multiple arguments in his persuasive writing.  We came up with some different strategies writers use in persuasive writing: describing positive outcomes, describing bad outcomes, using facts, and describing how there will be little or no impact. Students are coming up with at least three persuasive arguments in their own persuasive writing pieces this week. Ask your children what they are writing about.

In math students in first and second grade have been working on solving story problems. Students in first grade have been practicing drawing pictures and models of tens and ones to show their work, and students in second grade have been using an open number line when solving problems. Second graders have also been exploring fractions this week. 

In our Theme Study we discussed major geographical feature definitions this week: continents, countries, states, cities. We made concentric circle models of these features, and we looked at maps as well. We also began a discussion of wants versus needs as we begin to focus our study of the City. We read a story together called, “Those Shoes,” as a beginning to a discussion about how we all have different wants and needs. 

A few reminders about next week:

The annual TPS Talent Show is scheduled for Thursday, February 11. Please help your participating child practice over the weekend and remember any necessary props, music, etc. for Thursday. Please remember, the Talent Show is a student- and faculty-only event.

Also on Thursday, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day in the morning. If your child would like to make/buy valentines for the class, we ask her/him to please bring 24 valentines so there’s one for each child. While your child can sign each one, please do not label them with individual names. It gets very complicated to pass them out if they have names on them. Please note that we are a “candy-free” school.

Keep up the reading for our read-a-thon. We’ll finish up on Valentine’s Day. 

The TPS 8th grade is hosting a skating time at the Penn Ice Rink on February 11 from 3:30-5:30. Details can be found on the Operation Red Panda website. Some Primary D students seemed very excited about this, so we wanted to mention it.


Niké and Ben


        Ben Warrington
        Primary Unit Teacher