Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Families,

In math class this week first graders worked on counting by 10s along a number line and explored the place value connection between addition and subtraction problems such as 5+3 and 50+30 and 7-2 and 70-30. Second graders worked on measuring objects around the room with standard and non-standard measuring implements. Try some measuring at home, and ask your child if they think a ruler or a yard stick or another tool might be best for the job.

We are finishing up our persuasive letter writing this week. Here are some examples:

Dear Mom,

Can we get a caterpillar? It will be fun to watch it turn into a butterfly. And I like caterpillars, and I like butterflies because they are cute and pretty. Also when they are older we can put them in a cage outside. That’s why I want a caterpillar.

Dear Daddy,

Can we get Minecraft on the Wii or on the computer? Then I would get all of my work done. Then you could stay in bed. Another reason if you got it on the computer, you could play Wii U. I would buy it myself. So please get Minecraft on the computer or on the Wii U!!!!

Dear Primary D,

I think Egypt is the best country because… The Egyptians created a great after-life. Also they have pretty good Gods and Goddesses. And the Egyptians built huge pyramids. They invented amazing hieroglyphics. Another reason is that they grew foods that if they hadn’t been around we wouldn’t have right now. And that is why I think Egypt is the best country.

Dear Niké and Ben,

I think we should be allowed to choose our lunch and snack spots. Because there would not be boy and girl wars. Also it would be easier for you. And it was very fun and successful last year.

Dear Mom,

I think I need a robot because it could help my older sister with her homework and it would help me with reading and it could walk us to school. It would be nice to have a robot.

For your calendar: Our learning celebration and chorus concert are on March 18. We are looking forward to having you join us, once again, to celebrate your child’s accomplishments. The concert will begin in the garage at 1:15 and will feature two songs from the Primary Unit chorus, along with performances from each of the music classes. We expect it to last 20-30 minutes. Please join us immediately afterwards in our classroom for the learning celebration.

See you next week.

Niké and Ben