Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We continued our study of birds this week by observing and discussing what birds need from their habitat. Students organized different bird needs into four categories: food, water, cover and space. At the Schuylkill Center students completed a scavenger hunt looking for habitat features such as holes in trees and places to find water. Afterwards students drew detailed sketches of Pine Plantation and took notes on how the habitat at Pine Plantation might support birds.

We also began the E.B. White classic The Trumpet of the Swan as a class read-aloud book this week. We are learning lots about nesting swans from the first few chapters. Some of the other Primary Unit classrooms noticed nesting Canada geese at the Schuylkill Center this week, so we will hope to observe nesting geese up close and personal (and safely, of course!) next Wednesday.

Here are some questions you could ask your child about our week together:

  • What did you sketch in your science notebook this week? 
  • What has been happening so far in The Trumpet of the Swan? What predictions do you have for what will happen next? -
  • What facts about birds did you learn this week? -
  • If there are 25 students in your class, is each student able to have a partner, or is there one extra student? How many partnerships would there be? What if your class had 21 students? 31? 51? etc. (For 1st graders) 
  • How many unifix cubes did you count as a class this week? How many more would it have taken to make 1,000 cubes? (For 2nd graders)

Be on the lookout for birds this weekend. We’ll look forward to hearing about any bird sightings on Monday.

Ben and Niké