Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

We welcomed Marisa into Primary D this week. Marisa already knows all of the first graders from their kindergarten days, and she is quickly getting to know the second graders as well. After just a few days with Marisa, it already feels like she’s been part of our classroom community all year.

This week at the Schuylkill Center we learned about several different kinds of birds: red-bellied woodpeckers, wood thrushes and robins. Students observed stuffed wood thrushes up close and drew the birds in their science notebooks focusing on physical details and relative size. As a warmup activity, a Schuylkill Center educator named Leigh demonstrated how fast starlings and hummingbirds move their wings by having us flap our arms at great speeds. Ask your child to show/tell you how fast a hummingbird flaps its wings!

An announcement for parents of second grade students: We encourage you to attend the 3rd Grade "Move-Up Meeting" next Thursday, April 28 at 5 p.m. in the 3rd grade classrooms (on the 2nd floor). This is a great opportunity for you to meet each of the teachers and learn more about the 3rd grade program.  

Have a great weekend.

Niké, Marisa and Ben

P.S. A note from Marisa

Hi, Primary D Families,

It’s been a whirlwind week and it has felt so good to get in and settled with the students and Nikè. As Ben steps out, I hope you will consider me a partner in helping your children and your families as we finish out the year together. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



P.P.S. A note from Ben

Dear Primary D Families,

Thank you for your partnership. What a pleasure it has been working with your children this school year! I cannot wait to become a parent and spend time with my new son. It feels good to leave this school year early knowing your children are in such fantastic hands with Niké and Marisa. I’ll be back in September, so I’ll look forward to either seeing you in Primary D for another year or around the school if your child is moving up to 3rd grade. Best wishes for a learning and experience-filled spring and summer!

In appreciation,