Primary D Weekly Note

Dear Primary D Parents,

What a morning here at TPS! Ask your child about the Family Circle morning extravaganza that included a scavenger hunt, a pirate dance, and meeting an Independence Seaport pirate actor named Calico Jack. Well, it’s up for debate whether he was an actor or a real pirate. We bet your children will have thoughts on that. Also, ask your child to teach you the pirate song; it’s called “Wishy Washy.”

We learned about and saw several different kinds of crystal formations at Crystal Cave. We saw stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and columns. We also saw remnants of dormant sea coral from the time when Pennsylvania was under water! Our guide made lots of rock puns, and he also told us a mnemonic device for remembering the definition of stalactites and stalagmites; “Stalactites hold on tight” and “You might trip on a stalagmite.” We are really proud of the way your children handled themselves on a long bus ride and as visitors at this Pennsylvania wonder.

This week in Reading Workshop students practiced “cross checking.” Cross checking is an accuracy reading strategy where students stop and think about if the word “looks right,” “sounds right,” and “makes sense” when they are reading. Students also practiced the vocabulary-building strategy of tuning into interesting words. They wrote these words and many others down on our word collector chart: bustling, tractor, longing, torn, pigpen.

We are looking forward to our conferences with you. Students will fill out a self-reflection before we meet with you, and we will use your child’s reflections as a guide for our conversation.

Have a great weekend.

Ben and Niké