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Junior Unit


Students learn multi-step problems, how to neatly record logic, ask clarifying questions and teach others.

BLM Week

In JU, students will use poetry and art to center Black voices and explore systemic inequality.

Group Work

Students work alongside a variety of their peers. Teachers are able to nimbly respond to the needs of their students by flexibly grouping children based on  grade level, skill work and/or interest. 


Students use real world tools to research and record results such as during their study of buoyancy/density with the use of boats and testing them on the Schuylkill River.

Program Overview

In the Junior Unit, students read to learn, as well as learn to read ever more challenging material. As they use basic academic skills with increasing confidence and precision, children are ready for greater intellectual and academic independence. A rotating, thematic study provides a focus for learning, giving purpose and meaning to the educational experience. Junior Unit students dive deep into the study of ancient civilizations through essential questions such as, “How is power kept, gained, and resisted?

Learn about our integrated Curriculum

City Classroom

Students explore different parts of the city to aid their learning experience, using the best of the resources Philadelphia has to offer.

Physical Education

Our program encourages students to strive for their personal best, staying active, and how exercise promotes positive mental health, focus, and cognitive and bodily improvements.

Visual Art

Students work on semester long projects often interwoven with their thematic classroom learning.


Oral skills and confidence are developed through conversations, interviews, skits, games, and video production.

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