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Middle School

Mini courses & Electivess

These elective classes taught by MS students or teachers to allow students to explore an area of interest.


Music and classroom teachers collaborate to connect science/music to create musical renditions that all 7th graders play together.


Middle school students begin and end each day in their Advisory, a space where meaningful connections are built and maintained between students and teachers.

Visuals Arts

Students expand on prior knowledge of media and technical skills and practice self-reflection and showcasing their artistic “voice” in projects.

Program Overview

As a preschool through 8th grade school, our middle schoolers are given unique opportunities to serve as leaders in our community. From overnight camping to student government elections, Middle school at TPS is marked by many experiences that provide students the skills to navigate newness and help them develop self-advocacy, clarity, and compassion. The culminating 8th grade year provides an opportunity for self-reflection, reinvention, and a voice to determine what’s next. Kids graduate TPS with a love of learning that sticks with them. They are fully prepared to excel socially and academically in the transition to high school.

Connected Curriculum

Projects like Choconomics and Seeds of Change are where science meets art, and robotics meets history.

Student Council

Student council members plan events promoting all-school collaboration. From spring fling to the talent show, their work is important to the fabric of the TPS community.

Language Arts

Eighth graders dive deep into classic literary works such as Shakespeare and perform the plays as a class.

Outdoor Education

From visiting with experts to camping, students engage in service-learning, real world experiences, and interdisciplinary problem solving. 

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