“Some of my clients are immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries. Because I am fluent in Spanish, I do not use a translator; I feel that speaking directly to my clients creates a more personal and trusting relationship.” - Ben, Class of 1993

The Philadelphia School has had a long-standing commitment to teaching Spanish to all of our students from preschool through eighth grade.

Why study Spanish

We teach Spanish because of its importance as the second most commonly spoken language in the United States. Early-start foreign language study is shown to improve overall cognitive skills and academic performance. Equally as important, foreign language acquisition broadens a student’s global outlook. By opening doors to other cultures, language study helps young children develop respect for people who speak languages and practice customs other than their own.

The Program

Immersive experiences and real-life situations foster language mastery.  Our Spanish program uses a variety of developmentally appropriate methods.  Spanish is integrated throughout the preschool and kindergarten programs, while students in first through eighth grade attend Spanish class two to four times a week.

The preschool through third grade Spanish program focuses on creating a strong oral base. Our youngest students learn Spanish  greetings, songs, and stories and experience cultural celebrations through extended listening, active play, and hands-on activities.

Fourth and fifth graders broaden their vocabulary and comprehension through reading, writing, and conversation. They begin to study grammar more formally.

 Middle School students work with increasingly more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar.  They also  learn about the social, political, and economic situations in Latin American countries and about the diversity of cultures among Spanish-speaking people. Middle Schoolers attend Spanish class four days a week. Each March the eighth grade travels to a Spanish-speaking nation, where they attend classes at a local school,  visit historic sites, shop in a local market, and hike.  In 2019 the eighth grade will travel to Ecuador. A new speakers’ series focuses on the Hispanic immigrant experience.

Spanish and Our Alumni

Most of our students continue to study Spanish in high school, generally entering Spanish II or III. Many major in Spanish language and studies in college. In a recent survey, more than 60 percent of our alumni reported that they use Spanish in their academic and professional lives.