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TPS Fund

As a recognized leader in progressive education for 50 years, TPS nurtures far more than just students—we nurture unique individuals ready and eager to lead lives of purpose and impact. 

Throughout its history of providing excellence in progressive education, tuition alone has never covered the full cost of a TPS education. The TPS Fund (formerly known as The Annual Fund) is critical to bridging that gap.

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Mind the Gap: The Annual Fund Explained

The TPS Fund Helps to Support...

Tuition Assistance

Gifts to the TPS Fund help make possible tuition assistance for approximately one-third of TPS learners. A student who receives tuition assistance can receive support of up to 95% of the cost of their education, which often makes their TPS journey possible! Gifts of every amount work together, just like the TPS community itself, to ensure progressive education for children eager for joyful learning.

Experiential Learning

We strongly believe that children learn by doing. We also know children are unique, and we offer a wide array of methods and environments for them to make messy mistakes, dynamic discoveries, and learn life-long lessons. Whether they’re doing so in the City, Country, or Classroom all depends on the day!

Professional Development

TPS Faculty and Staff share the student body’s curiosity about how to improve their skills and stay in-step with the latest technologies. Above all else, they want to be the best adults they can be for your children. A contribution to the TPS Fund can empower our Faculty and Staff to pursue continuing education opportunities, ranging from a webinar on neurodiversity in students, or a week-long conference on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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