3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Thanks to all of you for helping your children with their Immigrant Ancestor Projects! Today we began sharing the information and everyone was excited to tell about his or her immigrants. If you are an immigrant and you would like to visit us to talk about your experience, please let us know. It enriches the students’ learning to hear about community members’ actual experiences.

Please note that JU-B will be holding a pretzel sale on Monday. Pretzels are $1.00. Money will be collected in the morning and pretzels delivered at lunch. 

This weekend ask your child about

  • How we are using our classroom timeline;
  • How we write numbers using base five code;
  • Our investigation using pennies to learn about surface tension in science;
  • What s/he has written so far for our Information book project;
  • Using “boxes and bullets” to help find main ideas and supporting details in nonfiction articles.

Have a good weekend!

Miriam and Josh