3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Today we had two special events. First we were treated to a wonderful presentation by storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston. She told several African folktales accompanied by djembe and kora, a large stringed instrument made of a giant gourd. Then we went up to visit the sixth grade’s poetry cafe. They read their beautiful, powerful poems to us -- many about issues involving gender or race -- and even served us hot chocolate! 

Please note that we are keeping reading journals at school over the weekend. Students do not have to log, but they should still make sure to read every day.

Over the weekend, ask your child about:

  • learning how to use Google docs for our information writing project;
  • the poetry performances at the sixth-grade poetry cafe;
  • the units in a base ten strip mat, mat-mat, and strip-mat-mat;
  • how the size of a water drop and the slope of the surface affect the flow;
  • what categories his/her theme group made for reasons people immigrated;
  • Kek, the main character in our read aloud, Home of the Brave.

Enjoy the weekend!

Miriam and Josh