3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Although our week was interrupted by a snow day, it was a productive one. Our nonfiction writers made progress on their Google doc pieces, our mathematicians strengthened their subtraction skills, and we took a virtual tour of Ellis Island! Today the sixth graders presented about conflict minerals at Encuentro. Your child should come home with a flyer related to that. Please make sure to ask for it and read it together.

This weekend, ask your child...

  • What subtraction strategy did you practice this week?
  • What part or parts of your nonfiction piece did you work on, and how is it going?
  • What happened when we put vials of hot and then cold water into room temperature water?
  • What is “Emma’s Poem,” and why is it important?
  • What stop on the Ellis Island tour did you present about to the class? What did you learn about Ellis Island?
  • What tricks did you see at the yoyo performance this morning?

Enjoy the weekend!

Miriam and Josh