3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Yesterday we attended the Junior Unit’s Lunar New Year Learning Celebration. They performed an instrumental and vocal concert of Chinese music with some lyrics even sung in Mandarin. Afterwards we visited the impressive displays in two JU classrooms. It is always fun and interesting for students to see the kinds of projects they themselves will be creating in the next couple of years!

We have noticed chocolates in some lunches recently. Please note that candy is not allowed in school, and that includes chocolate. 

This weekend, ask your child: 

  • about his or her writing project, now being typed on Google docs;
  • how successful she or he was this week at writing reading responses that started with  an idea and then included information from the text to back it up;
  • what happens to water when it is heated and cooled;
  • what we mean by “push” and “pull” factors of immigration;
  • about the “give and take” strategy for addition;
  • what job Kek (from Home of the Brave) got, and why he needed a job;
  • what happened today in Family Circles;
  • about the Friendship Toolkits our book buddies showed us today;
  • about the indoor recess petition, discussion, and decision.

Have a great weekend!

Miriam and Josh