3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

It felt a little strange this week to come to school and NOT work on the play! We got back into our routine for the last full week of school -- hard to believe! 

In science this week we practiced identifying macroinvertebrates by using a dichotomous key. Students answered questions like “Shell or no shell? Legs or no legs?” as they worked their way through the key to the answers.

This weekend ask your child... 

  • Which macroinvertebrates did you identify? What do the three different taxa mean?
  • What is a simile? What is personification? How did you use these poet’s tools?
  • What is the “boxing” strategy for subtracting when you have to trade over a zero?
  • What new song did you learn when Brian Jordan visited 3A?
  • What was it like to participate in Glenn Holsten’s film?
  • Who was Wilma Rudolph and why is she an inspiration to people?
  • What did it mean to be a “paper son” during the period of Chinese immigration to Angel Island?
  • What adventures did you have at The Schuylkill Center today?

Hope to see you at EATS tonight or the FUN Meeting on Sunday!

Miriam and Josh