3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We had a wonderful first full week with your children! Today at the Schuylkill Center we collected all sorts of seeds and had a lesson with Center nature educator Damien Ruffer.

Please note that above our weekly note there is a calendar showing third grade events. Please check it regularly.

This week we began the important work of goal-setting and rule-making. Once hopes and goals were finalized students wrote them on paper “seeds,” which are displayed on our door. They worked in groups to brainstorm rules that will help everyone grow their goals into accomplishments. The rules will be consolidated and finalized next week.

This weekend, ask your child about the

  • memory collection assignment
  • what goals s/he decided on The Best Part of Me project
  • our first science investigation: What’s in The Bag?
  • the growth mindset poster project

Happy weekend!

Miriam and Josh