3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We have been asked to remind all TPS families that we are no longer celebrating Halloween at school. We discussed this with 3A yesterday. Understandably, some children are disappointed, and while we teachers support the school’s decision, we will miss seeing all the wonderful costumes! We told the children that they can bring in photos of themselves in costume -- or you can email them to us -- and we will share them with the class.

In spite of the dreary weather yesterday, we had a good visit to Pennsbury. The children did chores in the workers’ cottage, tried writing with a quill pen and ink, toured the manor house, and saw the replica of the barge Penn travelled in when he went back and forth from Philadelphia.

This weekend, ask your child...

  • what strategies s/he used to solve the multiplication problems with stamps;
  • what s/he learned about the Lenape from When the Shadbush Blooms;
  • what happened when Omakayas went to Old Tallow to get the scissors back (Chapter Two of The Birchbark House);
  • about his/her guided reading group that started on Wednesday;
  • about the pretend country of Bagel and the two groups who fought over it;
  • what is happening with our germinated seeds;
  • about today’s Family Circle activity;
  • about today’s silent hike.

Happy weekend!

Miriam and Josh