3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Between the excitement of Grandparents and Great Friends Day and the intense work of play writing, this has been a busy week!

We also went deeper into our study of poetry. We have been learning about “poets’ tools.” Our young poets have looked at examples of simile and personification and have produced some lovely, creative figurative language themselves. Yesterday we read and discussed several poems by Langston Hughes, and today we explored haiku. Make sure to ask your child what he or she has learned so far about poetry! You can also ask:

  • About this week’s work with fractions 
  • About the science video we watched of the rebuilding of a 19th century water mill 
  • About the scenes we’ve written for our play 
  • What “take a break” means and how we use it to help develop self-control 
  • To hear some of the wonderful songs we’ve been singing in music!

Enjoy the weekend!


Miriam and Josh