3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Please check your calendars and make sure you have planned to attend one of our performances next week! The first performance is Wednesday, May 11th at 9:15 AM and the second performance is Thursday, May 12th at 1:45 PM. Choose either performance; we expect both to be terrific.

Your children have been working hard this week to get their play performance ready! We are impressed at how much better they've gotten with their lines and want them to keep practicing every day so they can be even slower, louder, and clearer. Please note that we do not require them to memorize lines. Some children may choose to, but it is more important for them to devote their practice time to making their lines super clear. Please see last week's note for suggestions on how to practice. In addition, we had a new practice tip this week to help with diction: Hold a cork between your teeth and read your lines! They should still be intelligible! In addition to practicing their lines, your children should work on knowing their cues – a cue is the line or stage direction that comes right before an actor's line or action.

About costumes: In general we'd like students to wear a plain white or black top and dark pants or leggings. Other costume pieces can then be layered over as necessary. Your child will be bringing home today a short list of items we'd like him or her to wear or that s/he has volunteered to bring in for a classmate. We absolutely do not expect anyone to buy anything new! We have some costume pieces at school that we can share around as well. Please email if you have questions.

In other news, you can ask your child about

• today's family circle meeting
• the poem s/he wrote for the Dream Flag Project
• our crayfish!
• geometry work

Enjoy the weekend - and think sunny thoughts!


Miriam and Josh