3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We are having wonderful time getting know your children! They are an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and happy bunch. This is our first Friday Note which will give you highlights of our week, information about upcoming events, and suggested questions to get your child talking about what s/he has been doing in school.

Next Friday will be our first trip out to the Schuylkill Center. Your child will need lightweight long sleeves and pants. In warm weather it's important to send him or her with plenty of water to drink since we are usually not near running water.

To help us with planning, please email us if your child will be out on Monday for Rosh Hashanah.

We sent home a Hopes and Goals assignment yesterday that is supposed to be done with a parent. It is due on Monday (or Tuesday if your child is out on Monday.) Thank you for helping your child with the process of identifying hopes and goals as s/he gets started with third grade. The children will benefit from your ideas as they work to solidify their goals next week.

We had a busy three days! Ask your child...

  • what having a brain that's "plastic" means 
  • to tell you about the Four 4's or Try-a-Tile math problems 
  • what special body part s/he wrote about for "The best part of me..." 
  • about the first Art, PE, Music, and Spanish classes 
  • what interesting facts s/he learned about classmates and teachers 
  • about the games "Ten" or "Fish Gobbler" 
  • what the All-School Theme is and how we found out about it at Encuentro

On Wednesday we emailed all of you offering short, introductory parent-teacher meetings. If you didn't sign up on the doodle but would like to chat with us please let us know and we'll be happy to arrange a phone call.

Have a great weekend - and Happy New Year to those of you celebrating!


Miriam and Suzanne