3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We had a lovely first visit to the Schuylkill Center. We kicked off our science unit by recording what we know about seeds and then had a lesson with Center educator Camila Rivera-Tinsley about tree seeds. (Please remember to do a tick check this evening.)

This week in writing workshop we introduced to ways to generate ideas for personal narratives. First, we filled in “heart maps” with names of people who are important to us and ideas for specific stories involving those people. Second, we listened to the Mem Fox story "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge" and talked about how objects can remind us of stories. Your children have a special related homework assignment this weekend - to create their own memory collection. Please see this link for details:


Next week is a short week so there will not be a Friday note. During the days off for the Pope’s visit, third graders are still expected to read for at least 30 minutes a day and to log their reading in their reading notebooks. (You may have seen the notebooks this week since we have already asked them to start logging their reading.) Also, because we are beginning our study of seeds, we are encouraging students to be on the look out for seeds they may encounter and to bring them in for our classroom seed collection.

Ask your child…

  • what hopes and goals she or he decided on
  • about the new 3A rules the class made
  • why it’s good to make mistakes 
  • what the difference is between reading “on autopilot” and reading “like it’s gold” 
  • what kind of dot she or he created for our dot project 
  • about today’s Encuentro in the Garage
  • about the tree seeds we found at the Schuylkill Center

Enjoy the weekend!


Miriam and Suzanne