3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Your children have begun their preparations for leading their parent conferences. They have sorted completed work, chosen pieces to share with you, and completed some self-assessments. Next week we will continue the preparation so that the children are ready and confident to do this work. Student led conferences are a rewarding experience for everyone and we look forward to sharing them with you!

In theme we have been immersed this week in the topic of child labor. From coal mining, to textile work, from canning to selling newspapers, children of a hundred years ago or so worked long, difficult days. Ask your child to tell you about that and also about:

  • This morning’s awesome drama club performance of Really Rosie
  • Drama games we played with MR and Madeline
  • Editing our nonfiction Lucid Press pieces
  • Our work around controlling our “wanna’s” and doing our “gotta’s”
  • The fantastic apple people the class created in art recently (they are on display in the hall near our room and are definitely a must see!)

Have a great weekend!


MIriam and Josh