3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

The excitement is palpable as we are less than a week away from our play performances! Please continue to help your child read his or her lines as loudly, slowly, and clearly as possible. Imagine you were not familiar with the script. Would you understand the words? Can you hear them from fifty feet away? Oh, and PLEASE remind your child to bring his or her script back to school on Monday!

As a last reminder, the 3A play will be performed on Wednesday, May 10 at 9:15 and on Thursday, May 11 at 1:15. After the Thursday performance we will have a short celebration. Families are welcome to contribute snacks! 

This weekend, ask your child

  • How did you use geoboards to explore fractions and equivalent fractions?
  • What is your Dream Flag Project poem about?
  • What was it like to meet the crayfish who live in 3B?
  • What did you do today with your family circle?
  • What protest sign did you make for the play?
  • Which of your lines in the play do you still need to make louder or slower?
  • Why did TPS decide to install “Gender Neutral” signs on some bathrooms?

Happy rehearsing!

Miriam and Josh